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Educational/Professional History

I received a Ph.D. in psychotherapy at The Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies 1n 1994, with a focus on Psychodynamic/Object Relations approaches to therapy.

My post- doctoral studies include advanced training with renown Jungian analysts in New York and Southern India, Cognitive Behavioral psychology at Duke University, NC, Adlerian psychological methods at several Adlerian Seminars, Thought Field Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy. These courses enable me to utilize an eclectic mix of psychological modalities that are best suited for the individual's specific problems and needs.

Furthermore, I have also garnered additional experiences as a professor of psychology, member of the Oxford Round Table, Positive Discipline Educator, Mental Health Educator (NAMI), and school psychologist in New York and South Carolina. These serve to sharpen my insights into human behavior and enrich my clinical practice.

The focus of my therapeutic/counseling style is to invite and nurture self-awareness/self-knowledge through understanding the journeying self.

Individual karma, family karma, and societal karma are explored as authentic aspects of self-development.

In counseling children and their parents, Positive Discipline exercises are used to teach them to understand how their beliefs undergird their behavior. Children are taught to discover their talents and capabilities and learn how to use them constructively.

From 1996 to present I have worked with adults, adolescents, and children, encouraging/teaching them to live with more self-awareness and dynamism.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Accepted insurance plans are listed below. I am willing to consider any circumstances that might require atypical arrangements.

If you have another option of payment you wish to discuss, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.


My approach as an experienced, consumer-oriented therapist incorporates the use of traditional psychotherapy methods with practical, problem-solving techniques. Together with the client my goal is to create an efficient path toward problem resolution and a healthier, more dynamic life.

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Cherryl Garner, PHD, LPC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Positive Discipline Educator
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